Clean nails, Anti-ageing body creams and inner beauty

Beauty editor Kelsey Ferencak rounds up what to watch out for in the beauty world this year.

Beauty trends are ever-changing which makes each era stand out even more.

Remember the grungy makeup looks of the 90s? It was ICONIC.

Entering a new decade means different crazes are predicted to roll in. Here is the direction that the 2020 beauty standards will swing towards.

1. The ‘phygital’ revolution

By combining physical with digital shopping experiences, the way we try before we buy is about to get a whole lot more techy.

From Pinterest’s ‘Try On’ tool that enables users to test new lipstick colours to using your phone’s camera to try on different hair colours and cuts before heading to the salon, this is just the beginning.

2. Clean nails

Natural nails are the low maintenance, good-for-you – and the environment – trend we can get behind. Focusing on the overall health of your nails and avoiding toxins is a result of the clean beauty movement.

Try the Clean Beauty Manicure at Jocelyn Petroni ($80 at Jocelyn Petroni.

3. Bold, healthy lips

While big, bold, high-shine lips are having a major make-up moment, brands focused on wellness are choosing good-for-you-formulas to take on the trend.

Try Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss ($41 at Mecca) formulated with hyaluronic acid, peptides and evening-primrose oil or Bite Beauty Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon ($37 at Sephora) made from pomegranate oil, wild African mango and orange-peel wax.

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4. Anti-ageing body creams

Supercharged anti-ageing lotions are now being designed specifically for your limbs to help fight lines, age spots and skin texture.

Try Beaute Pacifique Softly Exfoliating Body Scrub ($68 at Adore Beauty) and Kelly George Aesthetics Regenerate Cream ($88 at Kelly George Aesthetics).

5. Inner beauty

Skin care is no longer just defined as topicals. With research into the gut-skin connection continuing to gain momentum and a better understanding of how our diet affects our skin, we’re seeing a rise in skin-boosting supplements. This year will see an explosion of ingestible elixirs and powders aimed at supporting beauty from the inside out.

Fresh-to-market players include James Wellness (try Tonic One for $49.95 at James Wellness Group) by Aussie actress Tessa James, Aldi Special-Buy range Aequi and a new nutricosmetics range from skincare brand Grown Alchemist.

6. Embrace your texture

Gone are the days of over-styling strands to get them to sit right. Instead we’re embracing our hair’s natural shape – curly hair gets curlier, and straight strands get smoother. If you’re after megawatt shine try the buzzy hair lamination technique, where keratin, gelatin or oil ‘laminates’ or coats the hair.

7. No-waste beauty

Big brands are switching to environmentally respectful methods, not just for what’s inside the packaging, but also for the packaging itself and how it got there.

Garnier Organics is launching a new skincare range not only made with vegan formulas and selected organic ingredients, but with recycled and recyclable packaging, too. Ingredients come from renewable resources that regrow every year and star ingredients like konjac, argan oil and lavandin are ethically sourced from certified organic farming.

Try Garnier Organics Lavandin Anti-Age Day Cream ($19.95 at Chemist Warehouse).

8. Face elixirs that give back

Sustainability is no longer just about sourcing ingredients ethically – the next chapter is about giving back. US brand Mileo, for example, gets its sandalwood through a special extraction process from old tree stumps that have already been harvested. Then, for every stump used, 30 new trees are planted and protected.

Try Mileo Amber Fort Elixir Oud (from about $92 Mileo New York).

9. Spray positive

The science of psychodermatology centres on the effects ingredients have on the nervous system. Essential oils that smell good and help calm the mind are a prime example. This year will see perfume take this direction. US brand The Nue Co’s Functional Fragrance, developed using data insight into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system, has anti-stress benefits.

Watch this space for its arrival Down Under.

10. Let’s get personal

The unglamorous, medicinal lubricants of the past have been replaced with modern formulas and packaging you’d proudly prop on a shelf.

Try Maude Shine Organic Lubricant (about $40 at Revolve Clothing).

11. Fitness for your face

Facials are getting a muscle-boosting makeover with specialised techniques and at-home tools. In-salon, massage techniques that focus on increasing blood circulation and oxygen to the muscles in combination with lymphatic drainage are gaining momentum.

Onda’s Facial Fitness treatment ($290 at Onda Beauty) uses muscle manipulation to help tighten and tone your skin.

At home, devices that use microcurrent technology to stimulate deep skin tissue and muscles to lift and tighten your skin are available from your favourite beauty outlet.

Try NuFACE Trinity Device ($477 at Mecca).

12. Threadlifting is the new facelift

You may have seen this new alternative to a facelift on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix series The Goop Lab – and for good reason.

According to cosmetic physician Dr Naomi McCullum, this minimally invasive procedure is predicted to be one of the top treatments of 2020. It works by threading absorbable sutures into your face around the jowls, cheeks, jawline and neck, where microscopic barbs anchor soft tissue for a lifting, contouring and tightening effect. Not only do they support your skin, they can help stimulate collagen, too.

Results are immediate and the downtime is much shorter than a regular facelift. Prices differ from clinic to clinic, but start from about $1000.

13. Intimate skin care

Last year it was sheet masks for your bum, this year they’ve been upgraded to powder formulations. Such Skincare Australian Green Clay Bum Mask ($49.95 at Such Skincare) exfoliates and refreshes skin that’s been unable to breathe. And it’s not just your bum that’s getting attention, vulva care is also on the rise. One local brand, Synk (, is a line of organic creams and mists created to address any fem-care issues you may have.

14. Anti-ageing power players

The beauty industry has seen a giant shift towards clean, natural ingredients and plant-based beauty, but despite this, big-name anti-ageing and science-backed ingredients continue to reign supreme. Cosmeceuticals are still the go-to for those looking for hardworking, efficient skin care. Look to ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, ceramides, alpha- and betahydroxy acids, and coenzyme Q10.

15. Woo woo beauty

Crystal-infused skin care, gua sha, facial rollers and beauty based on your star sign are all predicted to be bigger and better than ever this year. From astrologers who can read your fortune just by looking at your facial lines, to ‘mindful beauty’ categories popping up on beauty websites and crystal skin-soothing tools, this year is set to be a whole lot more holistic.

Try Salt by Hendrix Magic Mushroom Soother Set ($49.95 at Salt by Hendrix) – no hallucinogenic veggies here, just a pair of mushroom-shaped rose-quartz face soothers.

16. Kelp can help

Seaweed and algae have long been used in skin care for their hydrating properties, but as scientists discover more varieties and skin-boosting potential, the use of the humble ocean weed continues to grow.

Try Haeckels Traditional Seaweed Bath ($39.95 at The Labor Organics).


Expect a big year from these old-school beauty trends

17. Peptides

Originally introduced into skin care around the 1980s and becoming steadily popular in the ’90s, peptides are once again having a resurgence. There’s poly, neuro, phyto and copper, to name a few, and these protein fragments are responsible for helping to restore firmness, bounce and smoothness to skin.

18. Mane attractions

Aside from super-straight, sleek strands, another big hair trend involves getting a chop, with short, blunt, chin-grazing bobs being the cut of the year. Meanwhile, the ’90s updo go-to of a middle part with long, hanging tendrils is making its way from Jennifer Lopez’s red-carpet look to our own mood boards.

19. Bars

Bars are back, with more and more brands choosing to create or reformulate eco-friendly, no-waste shampoos, body washes, cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs, serums, bath salts and even laundry and stain removers.

Try Shampoo With a Purpose The O.G Shampoo & Conditioner Bar ($15 at Go For Zero).

20. Clean colour

A makeup trend where bright and bold shades are paired with natural skin and lips. Perfect for those who want to play with different tones but are unsure how to wear them. A neon upper lash line or a bright cheek are the easiest ways to master this look.