Celeste Barber’s hilarious makeup tutorial is the only one you’ll ever need

Celeste Barber compares $350 worth of product to $84 and the results are pretty amazing. But in typical Barber style, it’s also hilarious. 

Celeste Barber has teamed up with MCo Beauty and people have gone so nuts for it it’s almost impossible to find it on the shelves.

But in case you weren’t convinced of how good this range actually is, the comedian has done a series of makeup tutorials to see how the affordable brand stacks up against some of the beauty industry’s most expensive products.

“My super professional makeup video with absolutely no f– ups where I prove you don’t need to spend eleventy billion dollars on fancy expensive makeup,” she says.

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She road tests Tom Ford’s Traceless Soft Matte Foundation (which retails for a whopping $135) and compares it to MCo’s Miracle Hydra-Glow Oil-Free Foundation (RRP $28).

“It’s the same!” she exclaims.

“But if you buy this one,” she says pointing to MCo’s product, “you can also eat that week.”

Next up is concealer, which she applies way too much of but assures she’ll make it work. A professional makeup artist steps in to fix it with a beauty blender, which Barber observes “looks like a butt plug, you know that, don’t you?”

Her application of mascara hits particularly close to home, when she says with her mouth agape and eyes partially closed: “I sometimes think the uglier the face, the better the application.”