Celeste Barber McoBeauty tutorial with sister Olivia

We’re used to sleek TikToks and carbon-copy influencers, so this new take on a beauty tutorial for MCoBeauty is surprisingly refreshing.

Beauty tutorials began in the early days of YouTube, with everyday gals sitting in their bedrooms reviewing the latest foundation they picked up at the shops. Fast-forward to 2021 and it’s become a multi-million dollar industry that’s manicured to perfection and edited to the umpteenth-degree.

So – when we saw MCoBeauty ambassador Celeste Barber giving it a red-hot go on Instagram, we couldn’t help but appreciate the rawness and relatability as she played with some of her fave products.

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Enter the model/victim/guinea pig in this situation – Barber’s gorgeous sister Olivia who is a nurse by day and beauty tutorial glamour-puss by night.

The tutorial begins harmlessly with Celeste explaining that she’s going to be doing her sister’s makeup before giving her a few brisk slaps on the face. Maybe to get the circulation going? Can’t be sure.

They begin with the Hydra-Glow Oil Free Foundation, which offers a lovely dewy and lightweight finish to the skin.

“Someone go and get a cup of tea for yourselves and come back for the finished product,” Celeste jokes as she takes her time to blend it in. We wish we could do that while we blend our own foundation each morning. Where are our beauty minions when we need them?

After concealer, they proceed to use the Mega Balm All Over Ointment on the lips – before Celeste promptly (and sneakily puts it in her sister’s hand) saying ‘Take that, I reckon take that,” under her breath. Subtle five finger discount there we see.

We’re halfway through and have to admit, it’s really nice to watch a makeup tutorial again where you feel like you’re part of the banter and are just speaking to a friend.

In all these high-fashion TikToks you can’t help but feel a little alienated. It’s depressing to know your eyeliner will never be as sharp as theirs!

Having heard similar sentiments in the past, MCoBeauty founder, Shelley Sullivan said, “[it] showed us that our customers love video content that is real, raw and features amazing women that have something to say.”

Here, here!

Continuing with the tutorial, Celeste and Olivia move onto the brows, using a pencil to fill them in.

It’s the sort of pencil with the product on one end and spoolie at the other – although the spoolie is referred to as the ‘smooshy smiggle’ by Celeste. She takes her beauty jargon pretty seriously.

After comparing jawlines and outing Olivia as four years older than herself, Celeste recommends the XtendLash tubing mascara. These mascaras are great because they create a ‘case’ around each lash that can easily pull off with water but won’t break down throughout the day.

Celeste refers to this as ‘this thing where it socks off’, invoking the image of someone peeling a sock off their foot (the lash is the foot in this situation). Pretty visual description but also kind of true. We’ll give her 10 points for that one.

Finishing off with a cheek tint and pinky lip, the tutorial is now finished and although the video is not a work of art, we do feel like we learnt a little something about each of the products in a totally approachable way.

It’s the kind of every day look you could definitely pull off before a big day of work – and we have to admit the result is absolutely gorgeous on model Olivia.

Pushing one another out of shot, the Barber sisters complete their time as Australia’s newest beauty influencers with a little of their natural sibling rivalry.

“You sit there, I speak,” jokes Celeste.

Who wants to be next in her makeup chair? If you’d rather avoid that all together, we have it on good authority that Turia Pitt may just be hosting her very own #BSFreeBeauty tutorial very soon.

Watch the full video here: