Celeste Barber and Turia Pitt bless us with a hilarious, BS-free makeup tutorial

The days of the heavily filtered, scripted beauty tutorial are over, and Celeste Barber is here, telling them to not let the door hit them on the way out.   

You know how you can just tell two people get along? That’s what it’s like watching Celeste Barber and Turia Pitt bounce off each other in MCoBeauty’s first instalment of their #BSFreeBeauty series; you’d think these two Aussie legends had been best friends since kindergarten.

For 10 minutes, Barber and Pitt go through their makeup application of slightly different looks, talking through their favourite products by the brand, while playful jabs are thrown about here and there, too.

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When Pitt starts to talk about the hyaluronic acid in the Hydrating Face Primer, Barber replies completely deadpan: “Are you trying to take my job?”

Onto foundation, where Pitt opts for a brush and the Flawless Foundation, and Barber chooses Hydra Glow and a makeup blender that she affectionately refers to as the “butt plug”.

“I’m going to use a butt plug for mine because I have a feeling you are so good at these tutorials that they might ask me to go home, so I’m going to start using the stuff they are telling me to use,” Barber says, before questioning “my butt plug’s wet, is that normal?” to which someone off-camera replies, “it’s normal”. “OK, sure,” says Barber looking directly down the lens.

Barber previously made up her sister Olivia in another hilarious video for the MCoBeauty brand, which has propelled it to becoming Australia’s best-selling brand in Woolworths supermarkets, beating out renowned international brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline and Rimmel.

MCoBeauty’s tubular mascara, a dupe for the very bougie one from Kevyn Aucoin, is the nation’s number one selling mascara. It’s pretty clear that relatability is something that’s been missing from the beauty industry, and we’re just so stoked it’s Celeste Barber that’s bringing it back down to earth.

Watch episode one of #BSFreeBeauty here.