Carbon Theory’s $15 acne-fighting cleansing bar keeps selling out at Priceline

The reviews of Carbon Theory’s vegan pimple-fighting product line up have seen it consistently sell out worldwide. 

We’re all on the hunt for the next big skincare game changer, but in an industry so saturated with ‘quick-fix’, ‘green’ and ‘science-backed’ products and ingredients, it’s hard to decipher what works and what’s worth the hype. Especially when pimples and breakouts are in the mix.

Every so often we come across a treatment that garners serious attention whether it’s for its ingredients, price point or ground breaking results and this brand hits the trifecta. Meet Carbon Theory, the brainchild of Philip Taylor, the founder went from creating skincare in his sink at home to expanding into 400 stores in the second year of start-up.

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The London-based brand has all the stats to back it up – selling out in Boots upon launch, consistently being in the top 10 best-selling skincare products, and since lockdown in the UK, seeing a 500% increase in demand. But it’s not just hitting the mark and changing complexions overseas, it’s making waves in Australia, too. Launching in Priceline last month the brand sold out in less than a week.

What’s all the fuss about?

Dubbed ‘The Anti-Breakout Brand’, all five of its products are entirely vegan and cruelty free and formulated with high-quality ingredients grown without the use of pesticides.

There’s a mask, tonic, exfoliating scrub and moisturiser, but the hero product is the Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Breakout Control Facial Cleansing Bar ($14.99, at Priceline) with the brand selling around 8,000 per week in the UK and USA and 3,500 in Australia in the first dew days of hitting shelves.

The reviews and real-life before-and-afters speak for themselves. Being hailed as a miracle product for treating all types of acne – from pesky breakouts to hormonal cysts.

How does it work?

The bar’s pimple-zapping abilities are thanks to acne-fighting ingredients like charcoal to draw out bacteria, dirt and excess oil, while tea tree oil acts as a natural antiseptic to reduce inflammation and redness. Pair those with nourishing shea butter to ensure the skin stays hydrated, nourished and supple.

Use it just as you would normal soap, wetting the bar and rubbing it between your hands before massaging the cleanser into your face morning and night every day. Depending on your skin type, users are seeing results from the first week of use up until the six month mark for more severe acne types.

The cleansing facial soap has just been restocked online at Priceline, so we suggest you add to cart before its’ gone. Again.