Can the TeslaFormer high-tech treatment really give you abs?

Can a machine really give you the six-pack of your dreams? Beauty Editor Kelsey Ferencak puts the new TelsaFormer muscle defining technology to the test.

When it comes to those treatments that blur the line between beauty and fitness, we’re usually sceptical. But the TGA-approved, medical-grade TeslaFormer gadget is different and it promises some pretty hefty results. Much like other high-tech treatments (shout out to this neck and jaw definer), we’re always willing to give it a go – especially if it means we can fast track our fitness or beauty results.

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How does it work?

Instead of heating or freezing fat cells like many body-shaping treatments, the TeslaFormer uses functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) technology to activate muscles and stimulate supramaximal contractions – that is, above what you can achieve through exercise alone. One 30-minute session can stimulate up to 50,000 pulses – the equivalent of 50,000 crunches – and target major muscle groups such as the core, abs, glutes, quads, triceps and pelvic floor to leave you more sculpted and toned,without even breaking a sweat. It’s like strength training on steroids.

Paired with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, the TeslaFormer can be used to increase definition, improve posture, grow muscle mass and burn fat. For an even more targeted treatment, the TeslaChair, from $400, at Body Catalyst uses the same technology to strengthen and restore the pelvic floor and reduce lower-back pain.

What does it feel like?

There’s no pain during the non-invasive session –which feels like a vibration or slight muscle twitch, like when you flex – and no downtime required after. You may have some muscle soreness, but that’s a sign it’s working. The only downside is fitting the treatments into your schedule. Each session is 30 minutes and it’s recommended that you have a minimum of six, ideally one day apart.

Results are visible within a month following your last session and improve over six weeks. For optimum results, you need to pair the treatment with your regular exercise routine. And don’t expect abs of steel overnight. While this will help you reach your goal, you’ll still need to do those crunches.

Try: Muscle Definer TeslaFormer, from $400 at Body Catalyst