Can MCoBeauty’s new $12 supermarket makeup actually last all day?

The body+soul team put MCoBeauty’s budget-friendly long-wear makeup to the test to see if it can really last all day long.

When we’re shopping for makeup what do we want?

Formulas that go the distance – that is: last all damn day, without having to sponge, pat or powder over between meetings, emails and meals. And that just goes for the majority of us working in an office, but if you’re lucky enough to have a job that sees you out and about, sweating it up as a PT or in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you know the value of a long-wearing foundation more than most.

That’s where MCoBeauty’s new collection comes in. A collaboration with Angie Kent to get her through Dancing With The Stars shine-free. If it can outlast the waltz surely it can get through your nine to five.

The six-piece, vegan-friendly line is made up of makeup essentials – all available to grab during your weekly grocery run. There’s a creamy black eyeliner, brow pencil in two shades, a waterproof mascara, tinted lip balm and a buildable mineral powder foundation. But the best part is the price, ranging from $12 to $22. Bargain!

In theory it sounds great, but does it actually do the job? The body+soul team put it to the test with pics to prove it.

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Alison Izzo, body+soul digital editor

Products tested: Waterproof Full Lash Mascara ($22) and Brow Stroke Feathering Brow Pen ($16, both at Woolworths)

Positives: This mascara does. Not. Budge. The colour was a lovely inky black, lashes were visibly thickened but didn’t get clumpy and the product stayed out even after a sweaty Barre Cardio class.

The brow pencil was easy-to-apply and the felt tip pen made colouring in the sparse spots a cinch. Plus it certainly lasted the distance. Great for days when you don’t have time for touch ups.

Negatives: It really didn’t budge. Normal face cleanser didn’t touch this stuff and it was only after multiple attempts with an eye makeup remover did it start to move. I like my mascara to stay put but not this much.

The pencil is full coverage so you end up with quite an opaque/solid shape. Less fluffy than using a powder or brow gel. Also, needed a brow Gel on top to keep them in place.

Rating: 3/5 and 4/5

Staying power


I took this shit before the mascara – so you can get an idea of the volume and length it give. Considering my brows are usually pretty patchy I like this more ‘coloured-in’ vibe.


Mascara = applied before a PR meeting. Lucky they had nice mirrors (and lighting!). Brows are still in good nick.


After recording an episode of our Healthy-ish podcast with rugby legend Sharni Williams (and the best hug she gave me!) my brows are a bit pushed around, but mascara hasn’t flaked or crumbled.


The real test – after a 60 minute Barre Cardio class I’m back at work (hence the rather weird/very unflattering lighting) and my mascara has nether flaked or smudged. My brows have faded a little, but there was a LOT of brow mopping, so overall I’m impressed.

Kelsey Ferencak, body+soul beauty editor

Products tested: Mineral Powder Shine Free Foundation ($20) and Waterproof Eye Define Liner ($14, both at Woolworths)

Positives: I don’t wear powder, and probably haven’t touched the stuff since high school – even then I hated it. But I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The colour blended seamlessly with my complexion and wasn’t matte, drying or muddy when I applied to my t-zone.

When it comes to eyeliner I think we all have a love-hate relationship. Especially if you’re wearing along your waterline like I am. It’s kind of inevitable that it’ll wear off but this one is sticky and seems strong and has good colour payoff. Points for the pigment.

Negatives: My skin is pretty oily and although it held up well for the small amount I applied, I wish it had better mattifying and shine-nixing abilities. I wish the thick, black line I had in the morning lasted all day but unfortunately I think the beauty industry still haven’t figured out a formula to withstand the inside of our eyes.

Rating: 3.5/5 for both

Staying power


The powder goes on smooth, is super blendable and the shade is on-point. So far it’s better than I thought it would be.Eyeliner always looks good first thing, it feels like a good formula and only need one back-and-forth stroke.


Powder looks good, it’s not as matte as I thought it would be and you can see my skin (which I prefer) but if you’re into traditional powder finishes it might not be enough for you.

Yep, it’s turned grey and pretty water-y looking. My eyes are a little stingy, too. If this were ~real life~ I’d reapply, but for the sake of good journalism I have to put the pencil down.


I spritz a face mist over my skin to wake up and to revive the powder. It kind of did, but again the coverage is super light so hard to tell. I like the colour, though. It hasn’t gone muddy or washed-out.

Eyeliner is gone. A faint, grey-ish tint lives on, which is kind of cool?


OK, by the end of the day my face is full-oil. My forehead is very shiny and so is the rest of my T-zone. However, the formulation didn’t go patchy, change colour or look dirty.

RIP eyeliner. A sexy tinge of darkness is there, but my eyes are a bit water-y and have been annoying me. Need to wash off.

Jaymie Hooper, body+soul senior features writer

Products tested: Highlight & Glow Stick ($16) and Rose Lip Balm ($12, both at Woolworths)

Positives: I loved that this highlighter was a cream and not a powder. Instead of settling into fine lines it really made my cheek bones pop and lasted pretty much all day. The colour is gorgeous, too!I don’t usually wear lip gloss but this little guy had a great colour and texture. It wasn’t super stick, which is always a plus.

Negatives: The very long list of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Like all lip balms, it lasted about 10 minutes before it faded.

Rating out of 5: 4/5 for the highlighter and 3/5 for the lipgloss.

Staying power


The stick is super easy to use and glides over my skin effortlessly. I’m given an immediately bronze-y glow and I’m almost positive it’ll stay on all day. I’m obsessed with the lip colour – really natural but still pops.


The ‘glow’ survived my hour-long train ride and I’ve already had compliments about my skin. Guess it’s working! After a cup of tea the lip colour is sort of there but nowhere near as glossy as this morning.


I love that this highlighter isn’t super shiny – and the fact it stayed on after my 30-minute walk. But the lip balm – is it still on? It doesn’t feel like it’s on, but maybe it is?


Although it’s dulled a little, the glow is still there. I’m impressed! I’ve never met a lip balm I didn’t need to apply every 5 minutes, so I’m not surprised the colour is long gone.