Beyonce and I both get this facial, and gosh it delivers

Now that the ravages of winter weather are fading and summer’s heat hasn’t fully kicked in, it’s the perfect time to get your skin into shape. During Skin Gym Week on, we’re sharing the tips and tools improve your skin health- from face-friendly meal plans to the most effective professional treatments, to the best and buzziest products, it’s everything you need to get the best skin of your life – from the inside-out.

There’s two kinds of facials. The first is the kind where you fall asleep and gently wake up with clean skin, but no idea what happened and if it was even worth the $150 you essentially just paid for a 45 minute nap. The second are those with a skin-focused purpose and often don’t send you into slumber. Sure, there’s a time and a place for a luxurious, meditative facial massage but if you’re dropping a good chunk of your paycheck you want results – whether they’re instant or long-lasting, or both.

Enter my new favourite facial: The HydraFacial (from $175, Hydrafacial). Apparently Beyonce, Kate Winslet and Suki Waterhouse are fans, but that’s not the reason I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Like a microdermabrasion on steroids, this treatment uses a high-tech Hydropeel tip that acts like dermabrasion – or skin-resurfacing exfoliation, to suck out dirt and oil from pores while simultaneously infusing a skin-boosting serum concoction of antioxidants and nutrients deep into the epidermis, in just 30 minutes. Yep, half-an-hour to a Beyonce-worthy complexion.

The treatment starts with a deep clean and exfoliation using topical ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acids to loosen dead skin and oil build-up. The machine sounds like a soft buzzing and feels like its gentle tugging skin as it’s slowly swiped over your face. Once your skin is clean and clear the therapist starts the suction phase, where it literally sucks toxins from your face like a vacuum before infusing those clear, decongested pores with a hydrating serum complex containing peptides and hyaluronic acid. Fancy!

The last step is all about saturating the skin’s surface with hardworking ingredients that maximise your new glow. The therapist will create a personalised blend of ingredients to target your specific skin concerns like pigmentation, hydration or fine lines before infusing them into your skin.

At the end of my facial, my skin feels super smooth and supple. I expected there to be some redness from all the sucking but instead I was met with a clear, bouncy complexion. My congested t-zone had been obliterated of blackheads and my forehead lines looked like they’d faded.

The best part was checking out the glass tube where all the dirt and oil had been vacuumed from my face. It was like murky creek water – gross, but satisfying because it actually showed it did what it said it was going to do.

Two days later and my skin is still the cleanest it’s ever been. Two weeks later and I’m still noticing improvements, my face is especially hydrated. I’ll be adding this to my repertoire for every other month or when my skin needs a good clean out/ ‘boost’.

The Hydrafacial costs approximately $250 AUD, and you can find your nearest practising clinic here.