Best-selling all-in-one black mascaras at Sephora Australia

Best sellers are best sellers for a reason – here are the mascaras Aussies continue to add to cart from Sephora.

There is no greater magical wand than that of a mascara. In a couple of brush strokes a mascara has the power to lengthen short lashes, give sparse lashes a fuller appearance, open the eyes up, making them appear brighter and bigger.

But with so many tubes on the marketing, offering countless benefits, where is the best place to look? We are firm believers in the power of data – best sellers are best sellers for a reason.

That’s why we’ve unearthed the three best selling black mascaras at Sephora Australia to narrow down your search. These three mascaras are all in ones which mean they work to give you volume and length as well as lifting and curling your lashes – like we said magic.

Shade: Very Vanta (extreme black)

What it does: This mascara is all about volume, length and longevity (12-hours of coverage to be exact). It contains two brushes and two different formulas that can be used together or separately depending on the look you’re going for. Formula one features short volumising fibres that fit between the lashes to create a fuller effect, while formula two includes gripping waxes and lengthening fibres for an elongated finish. So you really get the best of both worlds.

Results: According to a testing panel of 22 women who used the “volume” mascara, followed but the “curl and length” mascara, 86% of people agreed their lashes appeared lifted, 95% of people agreed their lashes appeared separated and defined, and 100% of people agreed their lashes looked fuller and multiplied.

Price: $50

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Shade: Velvet Noir (black)

What it does: This mascara claims to give a fake eyelash look without the fakies. It does through a formula that helps add volume and length. The brush is also flexible and curvy, allowing you to get to hard to reach lashes.

Results: What people seem to love about it is that it does what it says it’ll do without flaking. One Sephora reviewer wrote: “I’ve been using this for years now! Before I was using the Better Than Sex Mascara [by Too Faced], but I found that one to be too flakey as it aged. This one is MUCH better. A little clumpy when you first open it, but it actually gets better after like 2 weeks of being open and I’ve never had issues with it flaking.” While another wrote: “I was a diehard Benefit They’re Real! Mascara for like 5 freaking years but I tried this on a whim after getting annoyed with my Benefit drying out so quickly, and I will never go back!! This makes my lashes look huge, and you can choose to make them either natural looking or a little clumpy depending on your technique. This dries down really quickly and stays really well throughout super humid days, but is still easy to take off. I love it! Highly recommend.”

Price: $41

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Shade: Cuz I’m Black

What it does: This water-resistant mascara is formulated to lift, lengthen, curl and add volume. The selling point is the flat-to-fat brush that makes the application easier but alo result driven. The fat side loads and lifts lashes while the flat side defines and curls.

Results: Fenty Beauty conducted an independent clinical study on 35 women, and come to the conclusion that “it is clinically proven to volumize, lengthen, lift & curl lashes.” One reviewer wrote on Fenty Beaty’s website: “I was waiting for a mascara from Fenty and it did not disappoint of course. Brings volume, curls and separates lashes as well. Not too wet when freshly opened and doesn’t seem to dry up either, I’ve had mine for half a year and it’s still going strong! Doesn’t even flake. But I have to give four stars as it usually spreads on my eyelids after a while. To be fair, my lids are heavy and tend to get oily and I have very long lashes, so this happens with almost every single mascara.”

Price: $39

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