Best new home fragrances to set the mood

We’ve rounded up the latest candles, incense, diffusers and home fragrances that are good for you and the planet. 

Spending more time at home (cure your boredom with this) has seen many of us swiping matchsticks to make our spaces more comfy and liveable in the name of self-care. But home fragrance doesn’t have to be limited to burning a wick. In fact, there’s a whole bevy of new-and-improved ways to set the mood, scent the air and feel better through a variety of aromas.

There’s also the rise of all-natural and cleaner perfumes making a heady splash. So, here’s to spraying, rolling, diffusing and lighting your way to a better (smelling) 2020.

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Burn better

Upgrade your candle stash and essential-oil blends with these fresh finds.

Milligram Scented Volcanic Rocks ($69.95, at Milligram)

A different take on your diffuser, these locally sourced volcanic scoria stones work to gently absorb and slowly release the scent of essential oils.

Maison Blanche 002 Paperwhite & Clementine Soy Candle ($36 (medium), at Flora and Fauna)

Fragrance oils are mixed with soy wax to give up to 80 solid hours of burn time. Look no further than this white-lily, orange-zest and neroli number for a soft, floral scent.

Glasshouse Fireside in Queenstown limited-edition candle ($49.95, at Glasshouse Fragrances)

Crafted from a high-quality soy-wax recipe and natural lead-free cotton wicks, these blended candles contain no parabens, silicones or PEGs (polyethylene glycols). Relieve winter with this warming concoction of cinnamon, clove and sandalwood.

Up in the air

Incense has had a modern makeover, while room mists and diffusers are quick and long-term fixes.

The Goodnight Co Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser ($120, at The Goodnight Co)

Clear your headspace, promote calm and help yourself drift to slumber with an aromatherapy diffuser. Simply mix up the essential-oil blends depending on your mood.

Palm Beach Wellness Geranium, Neroli & Amber Room Mist ($12.95 (250ml), at Palm Beach Collection)

This new collection from Palm Beach was created to encourage users to embrace slower living. The fragrances are derived from natural essential oils and can be used to scent furniture and linen, or freshen the air.

Aeyre Sage Incense ($29, at Reliquia Collective)

Made in Kyoto, Japan from organic ingredients, these incense sticks smell of soft citrus and earth. With 25 minutes of burning time, they’re perfect to light before guests arrive.

AYU Clary Sage ($30, at The Ayu)

Inspired by the study of the revered Vedic scripts, AYU handcrafts these fair-trade incense sticks in India from sustainable and natural ingredients to gently fragrance the air.

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