Bella Hadid’s trick for depuffing tired eyes is so clever

The supermodel uses an “ice facial” to enhance her natural glow after flying, makeup artist Sam Visser says.

As an in-demand model, jet-setting around the world and dashing from shoot to shoot comes with the territory for Bella Hadid.

And while it’s hard to imagine she ever looks anything other than perfect, it seems the younger Hadid sister needs reinforcement to keep her complexion at its prime, just like the rest of us.

Which is why, arriving in New York City off the back of 40 hours flying, the supermodel headed straight to the freezer for some ice cubes, as per the instruction of makeup artist Sam Visser.

“Bella had just come from a long week of being on flights, so we wanted to give her an instant refresh before another shoot,” Visser tells Vogue. “Prepping the face with an ice facial instantly wakes up and brightens the skin, while the cooling effect reduces inflammation and swelling.”

That’s not all. Visser says he also likes to use these “ice facials” for sculpting, by massaging the ice along the places of the face to tone and refine certain features, with Hadid gliding the ice blocks along her jawline and up towards her cheek bones.

Doing this also means the skin then requires “less coverage” because it is already “awake and glowing”, Visser adds.

Shortly after touching down in New York, Hadid posted a photo of herself – post ice facial – to Instagram, which she captioned: “After 40 hours on the plane this week it feels oh so nice to be back in NYC for a day with my twin flames @samvissermakeup @jennifer_yepez bringing Belinda alive this morn. Boom”.

Well, if there was any doubt in our minds about whether ice facials work – there isn’t now..