Bedtime Beauty Stories: Rozalia Russian

Mother, fashion IT girl and newly appointed Creative Director at Uber by Le Tan, Rozalia Russian chats to us about how she maintains a healthy sleep routine and the beauty products she loves to use before bed.

Hello and welcome to our new editorial series Bedtime Beauty Stories. It’s a space for talented individuals to share how they get ready for slumber, including ways to wind down, nighttime beauty rituals and go-to remedies for falling asleep. We catch up with two of Australia’s most in-demand skin experts, Jocelyn Petroni, natural beauty enthusiast Clare McGrowdie,skin scientist Dr Michele Squire and mum-to-be Elyse Knowles.

Fashion influencer, blogger and mum-of-two Rozalia Russian has just added her first major beauty role, Creative Director of Uber by Le Tan to her list of accolades. Here, she chats to Body+Soul about how she gets ready for slumber, and the PM skincare routine she swears by.

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What’s the first thing you do to wind down before bed?

I will always do my night-time skin routine, without fail and pop on my PJs. I will then make a cup of tea and settle down to watch a show. Nothing worse than getting off the couch ready for bed and remembering you still need to do your evening skin care routine!

And the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

Set my alarm for the next morning.

Talk us through your night time beauty routine…

During the week I am pretty regimented when it comes to my routine, it’s a way of doing something for myself amongst my crazy work schedule and mum life. I follow a strict morning and night skin routine Mai Guillou at Skin to Heart for my skin.

Along with my skin routine I love nothing more than a cup of tea and watching a great series. After a long day with kids, it’s the perfect way to unwind. Every night regardless if I have worn make-up or not, I will always cleanse my face and apply my night-time products. Depending on how my skin is feeling I will alternate between retinols, hydrating serums and occasionally, a mask. I love SkinCeuticals CE Ferlic, $218 at Adore Beauty.

Every Wednesday is my tanning night – there’s no better feeling than a fresh tan. My favourite is Le Tan Uber Stay Tanning Foam Violet Base, $29.99 at Le Tan. It lasts for 10 days, which means I get two bronzed weekends from one application.

Do you take any supplements or sleep-aids?

During our long lockdown here in Melbourne I did find that I suffered from anxiety and insomnia. I tried podcasts and meditating but found that I just kept on waking up every hour. So I spoke to my GP to discuss how we could develop a restful sleeping routine, and I found that speaking to an expert really helped me.

What do you sleep on?

Our bed sheets are always white cotton. I don’t like coloured bedsheets or bedrooms as I find white creates a peaceful and calming environment. I do however sleep on a Slip White Pure Silk Pillowcase, $95 at Mecca. I find the silk doesn’t mess up my hair as much.

What’s your stance on technology before bed?

I think you need to do whatever works for you and how you are feeling. I personally go through stages. Sometimes I love not watching any TV before bed and opting for a book instead.

At the moment there are so many good series on my watch list, so I have been enjoying having some down time in front of the TV lately.

I do however always make sure to watch TV in the lounge room. I find that watching TV in my bed always makes me restless.

Do you have a preferred or go-to late night snack?

I try not to snack too much at night-time – I will only really have one cup of tea or sometimes a glass of milk.

What time do you usually hop into bed?

Bedtime for me is usually 10:30pm.

What do you do if you can’t drift off or have trouble sleeping – do you have a go-to fix?

If I can’t seem to drift off, I will head back out to the lounge room and watch an episode of my favourite series or read a book. Reading always seems to do the trick.

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