An honest review of the Belameres fairy dust facial

Ingrid Sant tried out the Belameres fairy dust facial to see if it’s as magical as it sounds. 

When I first meet Carina from Belameres for my fairy dust treatment, I assume that I am just getting a standard run-of-the-mill facial that targeted anti-ageing issues.

So when I hear her use words like ‘laser’ and ‘acid’, naturally, I’m a little nervous.

I am someone who is low-key when it comes to skin care – I wouldn’t know my Fraxels from my freckles, and that’s pretty much how I’d like to keep it.

As it turned out I had no reason to be nervous at all, because true to its name, this treatment is just like having fairies sprinkle dust over your face. It is non-invasive and gentle, yet it has a big impact and you really see the results.

The treatment

Carina is a passionate advocate of holistic skincare that’s backed by science. That’s definitely what stood out for me – the science-y part. To start with, Carina takes an ultrasound of my face to capture in-depth data on the state of my skin and what stage it’s at.

Apart from the obvious signs of sun damage that would be expected from anyone who lives in Australia, to my complete shock, the ultrasound reveals an epidermis layer equivalent to that of someone 10 years younger than me. For someone who hasn’t really done much to maintain their skin, this is big news to me.

According to Carina, this is the very reason why my skin is in fact so good – because it has not been subject to extensive, harsh treatments, which in fact damages and ages skin.

The treatments are structured around being gentle and kind to the skin and nurturing one of our “largest organs from the inside out”.

The treatment consists of a very light laser that warms the skin up by only 1 degree and then applying a hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin with much needed moisture that we lose quite rapidly as we age.

You don’t even notice the laser, you just feel a warmth and there is a red light from the laser, but you wear goggles for protection. The treatment takes about 1.5 hours, which can be performed in your lunch break with no downtime.

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The result

When Carina finally hands me the mirror at the end, I actually let out a little gasp. This treatment has been the tall glass of water that my skin had been so thirsty for. I leave with plump and luminous skin and visibly reduced fine lines… and hardly any inflammation from the treatment itself. And the results are even more visible the next day.

What this treatment taught me is that beauty doesn’t have to hurt for you to actually see results. This is totally the opposite of what I used to think and hence why I never got treatments done. I also now know that you have to do more than just treat the surface; you need to literally dig deeper, to take a more holistic approach. This is sounding more and more like a beauty bandwagon I wanna be on!

But to be honest, it just makes sense – why wouldn’t you bring together science and an approach to beauty that is gentle and kind to the skin? I’m a convert.