All the beauty trends and products Aussie’s can’t stop buying since COVID-19

The global pandemic has shifted society’s focus on self-care and wellbeing. Here, we take a look at the latest findings and local sales figures to see how our shopping habits have changed and what we’re adding to cart to help us look and feel our best.

Can you believe we’re six months into this global pandemic? Me either. Coming to terms with our new normal has seen many of us go through different stages of self-care. There was the whole baking banana bread thing , wild at-home workout routines, some of us started drinking more – and some quit altogether, but the theme that has continued to keep us feeling sane is beauty.

According to New York based consumer trends analyst Spate, our interest in beauty is bigger than before lockdown.

As salons closed around the country we took it upon ourselves to get well acquainted with at-home DIY gadgets and tools. There was dermarolling (the spiky needling one), dermablading (the face shaving one), laser hair removal, gua shas, facial rollers and even microcurrent massages (the zappy one). It all made sense, as sales of skincare and tools skyrocketed across the big retailers, and even Indie brands.

So what’s proving most popular? We get down to the numbers.

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Taking to the tools

One of the four key beauty trends to emerge during the pandemic, according to Spate and Vogue Business, include at-home beauty tools: skincare fridge is up 203%, facial steamer at 70%, face scraper is at 33% as of June – in fact, Priceline saw sales of Revlon’s Face Defuzzer ($9.95 for two, at Priceline) and Revlon Cooling Facial Roller ($14.95, at Priceline) both see a major uptick, selling 1,920 units of the Defuzzer and both tools taking out the number one and two spots for Revlon. Recreation Beauty also experienced a 155% increase in sales of their gua-sha facial tool, since people went into lockdown.

But it wasn’t just facial tools getting all the good news. At-home laser hair removal brand Happy Skin Co, saw higher numbers during peak COVID than the Christmas period, with sales two to three times higher since isolation. LED mask company Peppy Skin Co sold out of their gadget twice during lockdown which saw their monthly revenue triple when the restrictions were at their peak.

Skin is in

It’s no secret we looked to skincare over any other beauty category, Adore Beauty reported significant growth across its skincare offerings; sales of masks alone were up by 170 per cent. Spate cites a major uptick in serums, with niacinamide taking out the top at 193% and the Google insights to match.

Local brands that have seen spikes include Bangn Body Luminous Glow Bundle ($91, at Bangn Body). Prior to COVID they were selling every three minutes, now selling every 30-60 seconds. Tribe Skincare Chill Out! Hydrating Mask ($65, at Tribe Skincare) doubled in the first lockdown period with a 220% increase in sales. Eco-conscious, vegan-friendly natural beauty brand Rawkanvas had a 300% increase overall, with The Limelight: Brightening Probiotic Lotion ($59, at Rawkanvas) spiking 200% in sales with an average sale every 20 minutes.

Makeup and tanning and hair

Despite our shift away from makeup, there was still major growth across the category, as well as haircare and even tanning. Trinny London saw 62,460 units of product sold in 24 hours, with their BFF Cream SPF30 ($65, at Trinny London) selling every 10 seconds. Plus, sales from Australia doubling since lockdown started.

Bali Body noticed a 450% uplift in sales over a three month period from March to June, selling more Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Mousse ($30.95, at Bali Body) and Face Tan Water ($29.95, at Bali Body) than last year.

When it comes to haircare, during in peak lockdown from March to April, Priceline saw semi-permanent hair colour reach 124% more than the same time last year. Surprisingly, turquoise (408%), pink (112%) and purple (88%) were the most popular hair shades.

Sephora saw strong growth in their hair category, too. Both hair masks like Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask ($92, at Sephora) and scalp scrubs like Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt ($69, at Sephora) were being added to cart. Georgiemane 10 Minute Hair Mask ($49.99, at Georgiemane) are also selling on average over 300 units a day.

Sex, supplements and scents

Aromatherapy saw an increase, which happened to be a surprising category of growth for Jurlique, their Peppermint Pure Essential Oil ($35, at Jurlique) rose 280%.

We’ve been adding inner beauty and ingestibles like skin supplements to our carts, too. Mukti Organics Bioactive Collagen Booster ($104.95, at Mukti Organics) saw a 30% increase, while Melrose Health had over 5,000 people on their waitlist for their Essential C+ Immune ($34.95, at Melrose). Priceline also saw immunity supplements see a 214% increase compared to the same time last year.

Adore Beauty’s sex category was also up 89.7%. Which just goes to show, we’re shopping for whatever makes us feel better in these ‘unprecedented times’ – whether that be skincare or sex toys.

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