Aldi’s FAMOUS La Prairie dupe is coming back this month with new products!

Famous for their dupes, Aldi’s stand-in for La Prairie is among the German retailer’s most popular.

If you were to name one of the most expensive skincare brands on the market, La Prairie would come close to the top of that list.

Its most popular (if you can call it ‘popular’, as its cost prices most people out) and flagship product, Skin Caviar, comes in at an eye-watering $745. Angelina Jolie is reportedly one celebrity who swears by it.

But ALDI’s sell-out rival caviar-infused range by Lacura, ranging from $14.99 to $19.99, is back as part of the retailer’s Special Buys sale on Saturday, April 25. On its debut, it sold out in record time.

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The day cream is said to be nourishing but lightweight enough to wear under your makeup and contains SPF15+ (not enough sun protection to wear on its own but it’s a nice bonus), while the night cream is a rich texture promising ultimate regeneration while you sleep.

The range also includes an illuminating eye mousse, a three-minute brightening mask, an anti-ageing serum, two illuminating primers in either a pink or bronze, shampoo and conditioner, and anti-ageing foundation in four limited shades, disappointingly so. But it’s pretty cool in that it comes with a concealer, too, which is housed in the lid.

Caviar is a luxurious and highly-sort-after ingredient in skincare, and there is some data to show it helps slow visible signs of ageing.

“It’s loaded with vitamins and amino acids that provide building blocks for skin cells to function optimally,” Manhattan dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told

From the masses, the reviews on Aldi’s caviar skincare range are full of praise.

“I don’t know how you do it, but this stuff is amazing. I love it,” one woman tweeted of the ALDI range.

“The day cream is rich and lovely consistency which did leave my skin feeling soft not greasy and I’m really pleased to say much more radiant. In fact it gave a lovely glow under my foundation from my very first use of it,” one beauty reviewer wrote.