Abbey Way (nee Gelmi)’s wedding glow all down to this cult skincare brand

The House Rules host shares her complete pre-wedding hair, skin and fitness routine in the lead up to her South Australian wedding to sports broadcaster Ben Way. 

Abbey Way (or Abbey Gelmi, as she was pre-wedding) is no stranger to the demands of special occasion hair and makeup, thanks to her regular TV hosting gig for Channel Seven’s racing and cricket coverage, and now House Rules. But when it came time for her own special occasion – marrying long-time partner Ben Way in a rustic celebration in the Adelaide Hills – she wanted to keep it natural. Which meant her hair, skin, makeup and fitness routine had to step up so she could let her natural beauty shine.

Abbey generously shared everything she did to get wedding-day ready, including details on the Internet’s favourite skincare regime, and an Instagram-famous hair supplements (yes, really!). From top to toe, here’s Mrs Way’s complete pre-wedding beauty prep.

Abbey’s pre-wedding skincare prep

Skin was probably my biggest beauty focus in the lead up to the wedding. I wanted a fresh, no-makeup look and know when my skin is great, I feel great. I met with the team at All Saints Clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay about six months ago and they started me on Rationale’s essential six (editor’s note: you can read ALL about this crazy-hyped skincare brand here).

My skin’s texture completely transformed and I am obsessed with it. I cannot rave about All Saints enough. We also did regular laser genesis facials (Kendall Jenner’s a fan) and I had their Red Carpet facial a few days before the wedding – HEAVEN. It’s 90 minutes of bliss, and gave my skin a natural glow.

I’m also very conscious of what makeup I use when I’m not at work. I try to let my skin breathe but if I have an event I wear La Prairie foundation. I also use Clarins Double Serum before bed for extra hydration, especially when I travel.

Abbey’s pre-wedding hair prep

My hair gets absolutely hammered with what I do for work. It’s professionally styled most days – which is awesome don’t get me wrong – but it needs a lot of TLC to stay in any sort of condition.

I use Bondi Boost at home and try to use the mask as often as I can. It’s a brand with a lot of social media hype, but I can honestly say it works for me and leaves my hair feeling its softest.

I also saw the team at Pierre Haddad months out from the wedding and had a few extensions added for fullness. I’d never had them before so was super-nervous but loved the result. The team made me feel so at ease and made sure they looked natural, which was really important to me. I’m a little addicted now!

On the day, I knew I wanted a classic look so the beautiful Adriana Marmino and I opted for a low bun with soft face-framing pieces, and then changed it up with a wilder ponytail for the reception. Adriana is INCREDIBLE, I just wish she lived in Sydney so she could style my hair all the time! I was very lucky to have her there on the day.

Abbey’s pre-wedding fitness:

To be totally honest my fitness regime in the lead up could have been a lot better. I was flying so much and using all my spare time to actually plan the day so my routine was all over the shop. I’m still learning to have a balanced lifestyle with this much travel but I’m getting better at it.

I wish I had time to fit in more sessions at Bondi’s Lean Bean Fitness which is my happy place but I’m definitely going to ramp it up now I have a bit more time.

What did really help was having a Fitbit and just making sure I hit those 10,000 steps daily, even if it was just incidental exercise. Living in Bondi without a car means I walk everywhere and I try to take our dog Harrold out for a stroll at least two times a day. I eat healthily usually, but pulled back a bit on refined sugar and alcohol in the lead-up so I would feel my best. Drinking heaps of water was super important too.

Abbey’s wedding day makeup

The beautiful Ali Buss was my makeup artist for the big day. I had worked with both Ali and Adriana at the Brownlow and I knew I’d found my Adelaide dream team. They bring the most wonderful energy and totally nailed what I was after. We went with a really natural look.

Ali used Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for the perfect base with super natural-looking lashes, no liner and soft-matte eyeshadow. Ali’s kit looks like Mecca heaven and I’m going to buy a million products now that I’ve seen what she uses!

All in all, I felt like my best-self on the day which is all a bride can hope for.