A hairdresser’s pro tips for salvaging your iso hair fails from brassiness to crazy colour to over bleaching

Got a little carried away with the fun of isolation? Hairdresser Rose Cain is here with the top tips you need to get your hair looking ready for the public eye once more.

In a strange way, isolation proved to be a pretty freeing experience when it came to certain aspects of life – like maintaining “work-friendly” appearances. Personally, I’ve been sporting cosy sweatshirts and comfy old leggings day in and day out, and I haven’t worn a spot of makeup in months.

For many others, iso has provided a fun opportunity to experiment with new hair looks – and whilst some of those DIY projects (like cutting your own bangs) might require a trip to the salon to be properly fixed up, other experiments can still be salvaged from the safety of home with a few handy tips and tricks.

We consulted Rose Cain, hairdresser at Tangled Hair and Beauty Salon, to find out the best solutions to the most common DIY hair problems.

How to get rid of a crazy colour

So, you took lockdown as the perfect opportunity to try out a vivid shade of dye à la Hilary Duff “because no one’s going to see me, anyway!” – and now iso’s nearly over but the colour refuses to budge. Rose suggests trying out a deep cleansing shampoo to give lingering colour the flick once and for all.

“You could also do a really old school method of shampoo and bicarb and wash your hair with that. This is extremely drying though, so I recommend backing that up with a nourishing treatment,” she suggests.

“If cleansing and shampooing your hair doesn’t work, it only leaves one option – that is to visit your local salon for advice as you might need to get it professionally lightened out of the hair!”

Body+Soul recommends:

18 in 1 Detox Shampoo, $25.80 at AMR Hair & Beauty.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub, $69 at Adore Beauty.

Colorproof ClearItUp Detox Shampoo, $5 at My Haircare and Beauty.

How to heal damaged hair

If you went crazy on the temporary dyes or at-home bleaching, and your hair is feeling a little dry or lacklustre, don’t stress – you can still revive your locks!

“I would recommend a hydrating treatment or mask that you can do once or twice a week and to give your hair some extra nourishment,” Rose says.

“For deep treatment, I always recommend applying the treatment with a damp and steaming towel. All you need to do is to wet a towel and heat it up in the microwave to make a hot/ steamy towel and wrap your hair up in it. The heat and water helps the treatment soak further into the hair shaft.”

According to Rose, those with particularly thirsty strands should do this twice per week, and “use plenty of oil and leave-in treatment to feed the hair in between washes – Revlon Professional’s UNIQONE is my favourite, it has 10 benefits in one and is the ideal for an on-the-go hair treatment”.

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Kevin.Murphy Leave-In.Repair, $49.95 at Adore Beauty.

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Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, $67 at Sephora.

How to fix brassiness from DIY bleaching

Is that at-home blonde ‘do turning a little too yellow for your liking? To counteract brassiness, first try a purple shampoo at home, and if this doesn’t work, the best way is to book a professional toner at a salon.

“A good toner helps to counteract the brassiness, and it neutralises unwanted brassy tones in order to reveal a cooler blonde or light brown shade,” explains Rose.

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Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque, $35.25 at Beauty Bay.

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Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Shampoo, $35.25 at Beauty Bay.