A DIY hand massage to give you an instant hit of calm

Washing your hands too much can place a lot of pressure on your delicate hands. Here’s how to relieve any tension.

Did you know your hands age faster than the rest of your body?

And with the extra stress you’re putting on them as you wash them one too many times to protect yourself from the coronavirus, they’re at risk of ageing faster.

Regularly applying a good moisturiser is your first call to action, but you can also massage your hands’ acupuncture pressure points to relieve stress. Here’s exactly how to do it.

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How to: DIY hand acupuncture

Massage your hands’ acupressure points to help relieve stress…

Step 1

Begin with a relaxing finger massage. Using your thumb and forefinger of one hand, squeeze and gently wriggle the fingers of the other. Move from your knuckle to your fingertip and repeat on each finger.

Step 2

Place your thumb on the point between the two large tendons on your wrist and apply firm pressure — massage for a few minutes and feel your anxious tension melt away.

Step 3

The soft tissue on the back of your hand, in the web between your thumb and hand bone, can help relieve headaches and tension. Massage it for a few minutes or hold down gently for extra relief.

Step 4

The palm of your hand contains loads of points relating to large organs like your heart, liver, stomach and lungs. Press with your thumb for 30 seconds in a clockwise direction before using the thumb in long, downward strokes.

Step 5

Your fingertips are said to hold on to emotional tension but can also be linked to sinuses, headaches and fatigue. Use two fingers to gently pull and stretch your fingers one at a time.

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