8 of the best face and body masks to prep, tighten and soothe your skin for summer

From your belly to your boobs, we’ve handpicked the best face and body masks to help nourish, clarify and hydrate your skin just in time for swimsuit season. 

We all know the value of a good mask (the beauty kind, not the COVID kind). There’s the all-day variety, the home-made option and the one that makes pores disappear. Not only are they a great excuse for carving out time for ourselves in the name of self-care, they’re also formulated to supercharge your regular skincare routine.

Here, we discover the top to toe ten minute treatments to help lift, soothe and brighten your skin in time for party and swim season.

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Best masks for your body:

Frank Body Charcoal Body Scrub and Mask, $19.95 at Frank Body

This dual-action deep cleansing number acts as an exfoliant and mask in one. Detoxifying charcoal and kaolin clay draw out dirt and impurities from pores while the gritty blend of coffee, pumice and walnut shell lift dry and dead skin.

Madre Belly Mask, $69.95 at Madre

Formulated for pregnancy, the nourishing and firming ingredients in this belly mask help to improve skin elasticity, soothe itchiness and irritation and work to help prevent stretch marks while your body changes shape.

Muff Masque The Soother Mask, $21.41 at Revolve

Intimate care has come a long way as we’ve reported in the past and this sheet mask is no different. Infused with plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, olive and coconut oils it’s ideal for post-hair removal to help calm and soothe the delicate down-there area.


Best masks for your neck and dec:

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask, $75 at Myer

Utilising Alpha-H’s signature acid blend, this cream mask works like a peel to resurface skin and refine pores. The high lipid content and hydrating properties target fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin bouncy, plump and smooth.

Dfine Mask Chin Lifting Mask, $39.99 for 3, at Dfine

Glycerin, hydrolysed collagen, vitamin E and tartaric acid make up this jaw and chin sculptor. The specialised mask stretches to fit snuggly along the contours of the lower half of the face, looping up over the ears to lift and tone.

Best masks for your face:

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask, $80 for 5, at Sephora

A cult Korean beauty favourite, inspired by ancient philosophy and made with medicinal herbs it works to bring balance back to all skin types, targeting dryness, dullness and uneven texture.

innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X, $22 at Adore Beauty

With 22 global beauty awards under it’s belt, this clay mask has reached cult status for it’s pure-purifying abilities. Volcanic clusters from Korea’s Jeju Island absorbs oil, dirt and impurities to help refine and clean skin.

Mask Society Stay Woke Sheet Mask, $5.99 at Priceline

Inspired by K-beauty trends, this pharmacy find is packed with antioxidant-rich caffeine, niacinamide and glycerin to help wake up sallow skin in ten minutes.

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