6 highlighters that will make your pretty face pop on Facetime

Feeling a little flat? These illuminating cheek goodies will add some sparkle to your face – and your video calls. 

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak your laptop camera has never seen so much action, let alone the amount of time you’re now glued to your phone.

Working from home means endless meetings via Zoom and Google Hangout conferences with your boss. The same goes for your personal life though too, with isolation and physical distancing making your social life a non-stop FaceTime session.

For those times when you want to look like you didn’t just wake up, or spent the night in a YouTube black hole, forget filters and try these low-maintenance, easy to use radiance-boosters instead. They do more than just add a flush of healthy colour to your complexion – they’ll add dimension to the contours of your face and give your stuck-inside-all-day skin an instant, glowy lift.

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1. Revlon SkinLights Face Glow Illuminator in Sunrise Luster ($24.95, priceline.com.au)

This cult classic highlighter liquid was discontinued in 2016 but after our persistent requests for its return, it’s been relaunched. The silky formula adds an iridescent radiance to skin without glitter so it looks like your just naturally glowing.

2. Rimmel Jelly Blush and Highlighter ($14.95 each, chemistwarehouse.com.au)

Inspired by K-beauty, these jelly pots made from Korean-beauty technology create a unique water-based gel that transforms into a weightless, dewy skin tint. It soaks directly into skin leaving cheeks lightly flushed and radiant. Ideal for those morning video WIPS with your boss.

3. KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Blush in Fox Glove ($37, sephora.com.au)

Formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients, these pastel pigments are micro-milled so they offer lightweight, subtle colour. The ideal blush for when you want to look like you’re wearing nothing during Friday virtual drinks.

4. Clarins Joli Blush ($45, clarins.com.au)

Made with plant oils like hazelnut, this ultra-packed pigment adjusts to any skin tone while allowing your complexion to shine through. No-makeup-makeup at its peak. Monday’s Zoom meeting just got exciting.

5. Bondi Sands GLO Lights ($19.95, bondisands.com.au)

The experts behind fake tan are bringing the glow to your face with this high-shine cream. Ideal for mixing in with your foundation or BB cream for an all-over, lit-from-within radiance, or dabbed on to cheeks, down the nose, along collarbones and even along your shins for those Houseparty hangs.

6. Revlon Colorstay SkinLights Powder Bronzer ($17.39, chemistwarehouse.com.au)

If you’re in need of some Vitamin D or had a few too many vinos sweep this powder bronzer over your cheekbones and under your jawline for a quick skin wake up and a healthy dose of colour.

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