13 beauty influencers worth following on Tiktok

TikTok isn’t all challenges and singing, you can actually learn a thing or two.

There’s YouTubers and their tutorials, celebrities and their hair and makeup artists and now the next generation of beauty influencing seems like it could be coming to you via TikTok.

Apart from the questionable challenges, beauty and wellness hacks and wacky trends, like any social media sharing platform if you can sift through some of the not-so-clever stuff there’s an abundance of informative tips and tricks.

Like these beauty experts and influencers:

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The skincare truthers

Skincare experts and dermatologists are hitting up TikTok to help debunk fake skincare myths and misconceptions, in an entertaining but educational way. There’s Dr. Dustin Portela, a US-based dermatologist who shares his skincare routine, secrets and even answers hard hitting skincare questions. Or Dr. Joyce Park, a Stanford NYU trained Dermatologist who shares things like how to deal with bacne and what to look for in a sunscreen.

The OG influencers

Big name beauty influencers from YouTube stars Huda Kattan and James Charles to Kylie Jenner are sharing their routines, beauty hacks and product suggestions – as well as their lives.

The makeup masters

As the popularity of TikTok rises and more and more artists and brands jump on board the platform it’s no surprise it’s leading the way in trends. Sure, there’s weird ones like dotting coloured eyeshadow on the tip of your nose, but there’s also helpful tutorials like Miana Lauren’s guide to applying fake lashes , or Melbourne-based makeup artist Finlea Ryan’s bright and bold eye looks or mind-blowing transformations and artistry from Abby Roberts to be mesmerised by.

The hair stylists

There’s so many things you can do with your hair and until you fall into a TikTok hole it’s hard to imagine the possibilities. Justine Marjan is a celebrity hairstylist who creates intricate braids, soft waves and 90s trend styles and Learn With Lati shares tonnes of different braid designers and updo styles.

The all-rounders

It’s not all makeup, hair and skin, there’s loads of beauty offerings and expertise. From Jeremy Fragrance who shares fast fragrance reviews, to Victoria Lyn who tries and tests cult beauty tools and weird products and then there’s Brother Nail Tech who not only shares videos of manicures using everyday items like spaghetti and plastic spoons, but more useful tricks like how to create a coffin shape and do your manicure at home.